Don't Eat Less.  Eat Right.

Learning how to eat right on a consistent basis takes time and practice.  We don't promote any specific type of diet, although we do encourage eating real foods and eliminating or decreasing processed foods as much as possible.  If you have certain dietary limitations or restrictions we can help you find ways to incorporate other healthy foods into your lifestyle.  You can workout all you want, but if you don't have a sound nutrition plan, you will only get so far.  Read below to see how we can help you get (and stay) on track with nutrition you'll enjoy.  Because that's what it's about!  Bon Appetit!

Most people know that proper nutrition is a critical part of overall wellness, but most people try to follow books or diets that have worked for other people.  Our coaching helps you write the plan with your name on it!  And that doesn't mean depriving yourself of foods you enjoy.  We help you make small adjustments to your current lifestyle that yield long-term results.  Creating this positive relationship with food ends the constant cycle of proper and then poor nutrition, making you happier and healthier for life.

It takes a minimum of three months to change habits permanently. We want you to succeed and we know that means you need accountability and consistency throughout these twelve weeks.  To ensure your success we only offer nutrition coaching for 12-week programs.  These programs are offered three times per year, are available online to accommodate busy schedules, and are limited to twelve people each session. 

Included in your 12 week program:

  • An initial assessment
  • Weekly appointments via phone 
  • Customized weekly tips and motivation
  • Easy Meal Planning Guide
  • Nutrient information
  • How to decipher a label
  • Cooking tips
  • Recipes and substitutions
  • Accountability
  • Consistency
  • Support
  • Unlimited email communication

*Participants interested in a Kitchen/Meal Planning Makeover as well as coaching can sign up for 12 weeks of coaching outside of the scheduled group and get a combination discount.

The current session has SOLD OUT!  The next session begins April 2016.  Click here to reserve your spot NOW.

One Healthy Meal At A Time

Just like your fitness routine, meal planning takes time and practice.  The benefits of learning how to meal plan properly will not only help you eat healthier, but also improve the quality of your family time, and save you money!  The problem with meal planning today is that everyone has meal plans, but no one is executing them!  Our in-home meal planning makeover dives into your kitchen so we can customize a time-saving prep guide using tools you already have.  We also assess your lifestyle, habits, level of cooking, and taste preferences to include in your Meal Planning Guide.  We will provide you with recipes and ideas that fit your lifestyle and make you feel more at ease preparing food.  

Let us help you create meal plans that excite you and your family.  Whether you're feeding yourself or a large family, we can help you become a Pro with a little bit of practice.  

Contact us today to schedule your Kitchen/Meal Planning Makeover! 

Please allow 90 minutes - 2 hours for this appointment.    

You will receive digital copies of all relevant information and Customized Meal Planning Guide via email within 5 business days of appointment.

Kitchen/Meal Planning Makeover can be combined with our 12-week coaching program for a discounted price.