We offer practical solutions for a healthy lifestyle.  Our sustainable wellness programs are built on the same core principles we started with five years ago: Fitness, Nutrition, Stress Management, and Sleep.  This comprehensive system makes living a healthy and active lifestyle fun! 
Let us help you move better, feel better, and live better.
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Our fitness programs are focused on proper movement patterns.  Function is preferred over fitness and quality over quantity.  Our evidence based, backed by science methods mean there is a reason why each exercise is chosen and where it is placed within each and every workout produced.  We pride ourselves on getting you results while preventing injury.  An initial assessment is sometimes all you need to start seeing improvements, while our online coaching will help keep you motivated and accountable each step of the way.


It's not practical to spend your days counting calories and macros.  It can in fact, be helpful from an educational standpoint.  But let us help you create a positive relationship with food.  Like anything, it takes practice.  Our meal planning solutions can help!  Us our software to track your food for free!  Or see some of our favorite recipes and how they fit into a daily routine with les work and stress on your part.


Unfortunately stress is something that is everywhere and hard to avoid.  Did you know that 83% of Americans are stressed by at least one thing at work?  Our aim isn't to reduce stress, but to help you find ways to manage it better.  Whether that's through exercise, mindful meditation, or simple breathing techniques, we can provide solutions to reduce the stress your body holds onto.  Learning these techniques will help your muscles relax, reduce pain, sleep better, etc.  The list of benefits goes on and it's worth feeling these sooner rather than later!


The world is different today and people are always connected.  From the moment we wake up, until we go to bed at night, our phones, televisions, tablets, and some home appliances are all connected and always speaking to each other.  Downtime is a thing of the past.  Without proper recovery we never actually allow our bodies to re-energize, and recover.  You don't have to be physically running marathons daily in order to need quality recovery.  Unplugging, disconnecting, and resting are an important (and often overlooked) component of wellness programs.  Rest and recovery is crucial to the success of your program.  Let us hold you accountable for not just the fitness and nutrition, but the rest you so well deserve too!


Our new software allows you to keep the flexibility of your schedule and workout when (and where) you are able with the guidance and support of a coach all the time.  Taking NE360Fitness with you is affordable, flexible, and practical for today's busy lifestyles.  Not only do you have access to our workouts online or on your phone, you can log your nutrition against custom goals specific to you, communicate directly with a coach, and track your progress!  Join our community on Facebook for even more support and regular wellness tips!  

Basic Access - FREE
For people who are confident in their workouts, but want to track their fitness and nutrition in one place.  For any assessment needs that may arise in the future, all information will be saved in client profile.  Pick and choose any of the premium workouts launched each month and pay only for the ones you want in your profile.  Visit our online store to see what workouts are available to purchase at affordable prices!  You can upgrade or cancel any time.  Register for an account by clicking here and we'll send you an activation link within 24 hours to get you started.  *You must enter a first and last name for the activation link to work properly.

ALL ACCESS Membership - $100/year
For those looking for guided support, fun motivation, and accountability.  This membership gives you an all access pass to the Premium workouts loaded monthly, registration for ALL challenges, and monitored Trainer Support.  Weekly wellness tips are sent via the software and/or email giving you Pro tips on our four core values of a healthy lifestyle: Fitness, Nutrition, Stress Management, and Sleep.  There are no additional fees for workouts, challenges, or workshops - all access means ALL Acess!  Register directly by clicking here!  

Want to see examples of workouts included in the All Access Membership?  Visit our Online Store and check them out!

Customized Personal Training 
All participants who train with us one on one, have full access to our online platform including the mobile app.  Scheduled workouts are uploaded to individual profiles along with customized exercises if needed.  Assessment data can be stored within the client profile and there is access to an online folder backing up all saved information.  We require an initial asssessment to review movement patterns and prescribe the safest, most effective exercise program for you.  New client specials available to make you more comfortable learning how to get started...outside of your comfort zone!  We're here to support you each step of the way!  Contact us here to set up a free consultation.