When your boss encourages you to be healthy…


Opportunities abound!  In 2019, we’ve been working to line up programs at some local businesses and it couldn’t be more fun.


If you have followed us for a while, you may remember when NE360Fitness was featured in BusinessNH Magazine back in 2014.  It was for our onsite Golf Conditioning classes we taught at business locations.  We’ve been providing wellness classes and workshops onsite for a few years now.  But it was over the course of 2018 that we were able to transition many of our programs to our online platform.  This is wonderful news for those directors and leaders looking to provide their employees with healthy information for several reasons.  Let me explain a little bit…


For an Employee Wellness program to be successful you need to start with the basics: Education.  Simply providing onsite classes for exercise isn’t really enough to engage the majority of your population.  You’re really only going to get those who already exercise as participants.  As someone who has spent almost 15 years working in corporate wellness, I completely understand the intimidation and fear of exercising with your co-workers.  Education, however, is something that we all need.  Continuous learning and growing is something anyone can participate in, no matter what your fitness level is.  Having a variety of ways to share the information is essential.


Providing an online platform to the business was something I struggled with for a while.  I spend a lot of time trying to get people to unplug and disconnect.  However, our focus at NE360Fitness is all about practical, realistic solutions for busy people.  With that said, everyone is on their phone or computer these days.  Having information (and reminders to unplug) from these devices is just as important as unplugging.  Otherwise, the majority of people just don’t have the time to go somewhere and search out information.  It’s proven that if you show your employees you care, they will enjoy their job more, are more likely to stay and even refer good, quality candidates for open positions.  In a tough job market, those are extra benefits of a strong employee wellness program.


Leaders who provide this information are able to spread healthy motivation more broadly across their business.  Even if you already have an onsite gym, or area for fitness, supplementing with our online programs can help those unsure of how to use the equipment begin to use it.  It can help prevent injuries by providing proper education or just plain teach them how to start.  We’ve been offering free, 30-minute presentations on the importance of these programs, and how to make them successful for organizations of all sizes.  We can also show you which part of your organization will provide the best return on investment.  These programs cost money, but a good one gets you the results that save you money (and productivity) in the long run.  If you’re interested in scheduling the presentation, send us an email and we’ll be in touch!  We’d love to help your employees have their healthiest year yet so employers can have their most productive year yet!

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