Now that you are becoming a Pro, let’s walk through logging nutrition.  And please, stay tuned for a future post about the importance of logging nutrition, how often you should practice it, and determining the best way to benefit from it.  This part takes some playing around, so take your time and use it how you see it fitting into your lifestyle best.


For the purpose of this example, we’ll explain straight-up nutrition logging without a plan assigned to you.


Start at The Hub.

Then tap on “Log Nutrition.”

Unless you have plans assigned to you through custom training, you should only see “No Nutrition Plan”.  So tap on that and then tap “Next.”


To add your first meal, you’ll want to tap on the blue circle with the white “+” in the bottom right hand corner.  Then tap “Add Meal.”


A box will come up asking you to name the meal.  If it’s the first meal of the day, you can type in “breakfast” or if you want to keep it really simple, you can just type “1”.  Creating the meal, shows it in the list with 0cal to the right.


Next tap on “Add food/drink” to bring up the entire database of food.  Won’t lie, it’s kind of overwhelming.  Now you have a few options to add the food you are logging.


You can “create food” by tapping the blue circle with the white “+” in the bottom right and then fill in all the information from the label you have.

You can search in the top search column by typing in what you are eating.  Try brand names first (example: Fage), or keep it general (Greek Yogurt).

You can scan a barcode directly from the package, if for example, you’re logging a protein/granola bar, or beverage.  To do this, tap on the bar code in the upper right hand corner, and the first time you’ll need to allow access to the camera.  Place the barcode into the box on your screen and it’ll automatically fill in all the info assuming that food has been entered into the database already.


Once you have the food chosen, adjust the servings to what you actually ate.  You can tap on the serving dropdown and find different options, but some are only listed as is.  You can adjust what you ate under “Number of Servings” - often times I have to put “.25” or “.5” in which is completely acceptable.



Once the serving size is correct, tap the check mark in the top right hand corner to save the food to this meal.  You will then see the calories for this meal adjusted on the right.


Now, if you only had something like a granola bar, you can tap the blue bar at the bottom that says “Save Nutrition Log” and you can always come back to add more later.


But if you had a bowl of yogurt with granola, you’ll want to “+ Add Food/Drink” again and enter the next food that was part of the meal you’re logging.


***Here’s a really cool tip. If for example, you have the same breakfast every day, or at least a few times per week, you can save a meal as a template.  My breakfast usually varies between a bowl of oatmeal prepared the same way or a bowl of yogurt prepared the same way.  So once that regular meal is logged, tap on the three dots by the overall calorie count.  This brings up a new menu which allows you to:

    1. Rename the Meal (Don’t like the number 1, call it “morning oatmeal bowl”)

    2. View Macros - this will show the entire macro breakdown for this particular meal.

    3. Save meal as template - Exactly this - save it now and save yourself a TON of time later.  While I use this for breakfast mostly, it’s extremely helpful with a regular lunchtime salad!  If you choose this option, you will have another chance to rename it.

    4. Delete the meal - Hopefully you don’t have to, but it’s here for a reason.


To log a Meal from Template, begin the same way as above.  When you get to your first screen, and tap the blue circle with the white “+” this time you’ll want to tap “Add Meat From Template.”


The next screen will show all the meals you’ve saved as templates.  All you need to do is tap the one you want to log so there is a checkmark highlighted, and then tap “Add Meal From Template” at the bottom.


Then you’ll have your custom meal logged for that day.


***No matter what you’re logging make sure you tap “Save Nutrition Log” at the bottom.  That will save what you logged and bring you back to The Hub.

That's it!  Remember to play around and stay tuned for more info on logging nutrition.

~ NE360Fitness

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