Welcome back.  Now that you’ve explored “The Hub” let’s work through logging a workout!  We’ll start with a workout that has been assigned to you by your trainer.


Start at The Hub.  Tap on “Start Workout”


On this screen you’ll see the current date and time.  These can be changed simply by tapping on them if you are logging a workout after you completed it.  For the most part, you’ll be using this during your workout for info and tips.


“Follow Workout Template” will always be checked when you log in.  If it isn’t, be sure to tap on it to highlight it so you’ll be able see the workouts assigned to you.  Then tap the dropdown menu below.  Scroll through the workouts listed and select the workout you want to start.  Tapping “Done” and then “Start” brings you right into the workout.  You are now ready to begin!


Now you’ll see all the exercises in the workout along with how many sets, reps, and rest for each exercise.  You can scroll through the whole workout before beginning or dive right in.



If there is an overall note regarding the workout, it will be at the very top, with a red dot.  Tap that to see what your trainer suggests for this entire workout.


Individual notes (modifications, tips, etc) will be highlighted with a red dot for each specific exercise.





There is a stop watch included right in the workout!  Tap on that, set the time and use it for any cardio/circuit workouts, or to time your rest periods.





Super sets and Giant sets.  A super set is two exercises you should perform back to back without any rest.  A Giant set consists of more than 2 exercises - sometimes an entire workout (a circuit workout) will look like a giant set.  You’ll see “Super Set” or “Giant Set” indicated before the exercises, as well as an orange line running down the side of your screen for all exercises involved.



As you complete a set, tap the circle to check off what you’ve completed.  *Great for those of us who lose count during a workout.  You can also add a set if you decided to do an extra one.  You can even change the reps or time completed by simply tapping on that column.






***Tapping on the name of the exercise will bring up the instructions/description and photo or video of the exercise.  This is one of the most exciting features of the whole program!

Check off all the exercises you completed.  You can leave a workout note for yourself or your trainer, add more exercises if you gave yourself a bonus, or keep it as simple as what's been loaded for you. When you're done, tap "Finish Workout", congratulate yourself, and know that you did something to help yourself feel better today.  Great work!  

So there you have it.  The basics of logging a workout that has been uploaded for you.  Stay tuned for more "how-to's" in the series.  And if you have any questions at all about using the App, you can email us by clicking here.

Have a great day!



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