It was space month at my kids school last month.  And since the kids loved it so much, this month has also become space month too.  We've watched more rocket launches online and "pat pat, blastoff" like the Little Einstens more than you can imagine.  With all this other "launching" I'm excited to share something else blasting off today...

May 8th 2018 marks our 5th Birthday!  As many of you know, I love Birthdays!  I still remember registering a new business, setting a plan, having way too many ideas on paper, the excitement of starting a business of my own, and the scariness of it all!  At one point, I told myself to stop using so many exclamation points...but as you can see, some things never change :-)  It's our Birthday, and my entrepreneur anniversary, so it's more than a little exciting over here!

While there was a point where I had to spend less time working on my business, I've spent a good majority of the last year searching for ways to use the feedback I received from clients and find better solutions for practical coaching.  Life is busy and it's hard for people to spend the time and money working closely with someone.  But accountability is the big factor in what people need.  Most people know what's healthy and what isn't, but having someone to be accountable to helps them stay on track and get the support they need when some of those choices can be tougher than normal.

Over the past six months or so, we decided to invest time and money into the right platform so the NE360Fitness training methods can get into the hands and lifestyles of more people.  I am beyond excited to finally, officially launch our online software and mobile App!!!  It has a whole exercise library of videos and instruction, it has nutrition tracking built right into it, messaging directly to your trainer, space to save any workout notes or files, tracking of your measurements, and so much more.  We already completed the PyeongChang Challenge using the App and so far the feedback was great...although I'm positive there's already been more improvements since then!

We've put together monthly coaching subscriptions at different levels so you can choose how much coaching you want, from basic to completely customized.  It's everything you need, available when and where you are!

I'm hoping you'll try out the new programs for a FREE month.  Let us know what you think so we can keep improving it.  

Click Here to sign up and use code "FREESTART" to get your first month free.

Thanks for reading.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us and has been a part of this 5 year ride...especially my family for allowing me to continue with this dream.  It all makes me so excited to see what's ahead!  Oh, and did you know Jupiter has 4 moons?!?!

~ Karen :-)

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