Kicking off our new blog series with a few posts about using our new App.  For those of you already checking it out - Big Thanks!  The goal of this series is to be not-so-wordy and get right into the quick details.  So here it goes!

Welcome to "The Hub"!  Opening the App brings you directly to this screen with four main options for Logging a Workout, Logging Nutrition, Adding a Progress Picture, or Updating Measurements.  Before we get into those, any new notifications will appear in the upper right hand corner where you see the bell.  If there's anything new from your trainer, you'll see a red dot there.  On the other side, tap on the menu bar and let's go through the drop down menu that appears when you do so.

My Hub - This will bring you back to The Hub you saw when you first opened the App.

Schedule - If you're in a current schedule you can take a look at the details.  You can also review past schedules (like previous challenges you may have done, or custom plans designed specifically for you.)

Messages - This is just that.  If your trainer sends you an individual note, your weekly wellness tip, or a message to a group you're in, you can find those here.  You can also start a new message to your trainer here if you have any questions or feedback.

Workouts - One of the most important parts of the App!  When you tap on this, you'll see two tabs at the top.  You can see workouts that have been assigned to you from your trainer, and you can also see any workouts you've created yourself and saved to your profile.  Viewing the workouts here won't track or log an exercise session but allows you to review and see if you have any questions.

Nutrition - Here's where you log your nutrition for the day.  Note: You can always back log by changing the date, so if you don't have time to record what you ate on a certain day or at a certain meal, it's completely OK to track it later on.  More details coming soon to help you log nutrition.

Shopping List - Cool feature if you have meal plans uploaded, but we're not focusing on this part of the App just yet.  We'd like for everyone to get comfortable with the basics before adding something else to the learning slate.

Progress Photos - This is an option if you choose to do so.  Progress photos are not for everyone, but keep in mind they don't just need to be photos of your body.  If you've completed your first race ever, or maybe your first Half Marathon - that's progress!  And you should document those special occasions!

Calendar - Here's where you can see sessions if you have booked any.  Being part of a certain schedule doesn't necessarily mean sessions will be here, but they certainly can be.

Notes - Any notes you and your trainer share or something you may want to keep track of can be saved and accessed here.

Forms - Any form your trainer wants you to review can be saved and accessed here.

Files - Same as above.  Any files or resources specific to you may be saved and accessed here.

Settings - Pretty basic - your settings within the App.   Upload a profile picture and mix it up as often as you want.  Store as much or as little information as you'd like.  Notification settings can be changed here too.

That's the quick rundown of "The Hub."  I hope you play around and find some new ways to utilize this tool for a healthy lifestyle.  We're always here to help if you have any questions at all.  Stay tuned for more not-so-wordy instructions all about using the App.  We're so glad you're here with us!

Here's to a great week!

~ NE360Fitness


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