It’s that time again….time to train like an Olympian!  The Olympics are back and so is our Olympic themed online challenge.  Sochi was the first ever online challenge powered by NE360Fitness, and PyeongChang will be the first to use our new online platform and mobile app!  It’s OK to be excited - everyone is!


Unlike previous online challenges tracking mileage, this one is all about the medals!  Each week, participants will have a variety of workouts to choose from. These workouts will range from Bronze (beginner/low intensity), to Silver (intermediate level/intensity), to Gold (advanced/high intensity) medal levels.  All workouts are loaded into the online platform which can be accessed via the web, the mobile app, and even printed to take with you.  Each workout completed will count as one medal for you.  Track the medals you rack up while you watch the USA rack them up on the world’s sport stage.


Aside from workouts, participants can earn medals with other fun activities like trivia questions and social media posts.


Your goal: rack up as many medals as possible.


What can you get:

  • More than 20 different workouts to mix it up and train like an Olympian.
  • Full access of NE360Fitness mobile app!
    • Track your progress
    • Track your workouts
    • Video and picture demonstrations of exercises
    • Track your nutrition
    • Sync your FitBit
    • One on one communication with NE360Fitness trainer
  • Cold hard PyeongChang Cash (in US currency of course)
  • Motivation from NE360Fitness and fellow Olympians.
  • Bragging rights.


Ready to train and feel like an Olympian?  Challenge officially begins on February 12th.  Sign up today and prepare to hear the Star Spangled Banner each time you reach the podium!


Questions?  Contact us here!

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