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I started training with NE360 about 15 months ago after many years of failing at weight loss and exercise attempts on my own. Within my first month working with Karen my stress level was way down, exercise was fun again, and with someone to be accountable to I started to lose a lot of weight. Karen's not only helps you achieve your initial goals but reach goals you never would have set on your own. At an average loss of 4 lbs a month I am at 150% of my initial goal and my body fat is down over 11 pts. My family and I have never eaten healthier and the physical transformation has been exciting. I am looking forward to my first triathlon this June. Thanks Karen! Pam S, Nashua, NH
Karen has a very pragmatic approach to fitness with no large swings to one end or the other with extreme shifts in thought. Best of all she provides a good plan for a balanced diet without going shake crazy. I highly recommend at least listening to a consult! Matt T, Londonderry, NH
Karen has quite the diverse background from fitness to food and everything in between! She is professional and puts the fun in getting healthy and living well!” Kristen L., Brighton, MA
Karen knows her stuff. She talks the talk and walks the walk. Kyle B., Concord, NH
The grocery store tour and cooking experience was awesome! There was so much information. You introduced me to healthy foods, that I never would have cooked myself without the demo. We didn’t try different foods when I was younger so it never carried over as an adult. Now I understand all the different choices I have when cooking and it doesn’t have to be the same ol meal each night. Along with the nutrition lessons, the work outs have been great because they tailor not just to my wacky weekly schedule, but also to my equipment that I have at home. They have been challenging and I enjoy feeling tired after a workout because then I feel like I accomplished something that day! Heather M., Mont Vernon, NH
Karen keeps me motivated and working towards my goals. As a busy working mom, finding the time to eat healthy and get a workout in is not always easy. The organization and planning (and having someone to be accountable to!) have made a huge difference for me. Thank you Karen! Kristin G., Nashua, NH
I've trained with the best at Olympic training centers through out my career as a US national player on USA Team Handball. Personal trainer Karen ranks among the best and she's local. New England 360 fitness designed for me a challenging, diverse and fun full body exercise program fit for elite athletes to super moms. We use minimal equipment and finish our session including a cool down in under 60 minutes. It's like working out with an athletic friend who challenges you to do one more set. You can't say no to Karen's excitement for you to reach a new fitness level. I'd recommend Karen and New England 360 Fitness friendly, motivational and highly knowledgable fitness training to anyone looking to make positive changes to their current exercise program. You'll be better for it! Thank you Karen! Anne C., Somerville, MA