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Our approach offers practical solutions for a healthy lifestyle that adapt to each individual, no matter how busy they are.  We build sustainable wellness programs on the same core principles we started with five years ago: Fitness, Nutrition, Stress Management, and Sleep.  This comprehensive system makes living a healthy and active lifestyle fun!  Read below for details on our coaching programs both online and in person.

Practical.  Affordable.  Sustainable.  Enjoyable.


Online Coaching *NEW*

Our new software allows you to keep the flexibility of your schedule and workout when (and where) you are able with the guidance and support of a coach all the time.  Taking NE360Fitness with you is affordable, flexible, and practical for today's busy lifestyles.  Not only do you have access to our workouts online or on your phone, you can log your nutrition against custom goals specific to you, communicate directly with a coach, and track your progress!  Join our community on Facebook for even more support and regular wellness tips!  

Basic Access
For people who are confident in their workouts, but want to track their fitness and nutrition in one place.  For any assessment needs that may arise in the future, all information will be saved in client profile.  Pick and choose any of the premium workouts launched each month and pay only for the ones you want in your profile.  You can upgrade or cancel any time.

Premium Monthly Membership - $14.99/month
For those looking for more guided support and access to a variety of pre-loaded workouts.  This membership includes everything in the Basic Membership, plus full access to the Premium workouts loaded monthly, registration for all upcoming challenges, and monitored Trainer Support.  You can change membership or cancel at any time.  Register directly by clicking here!

Customized Personal Training 
Read below for information on our personal training methods.  All participants who train with us one on one, have full access to our online platform including the mobile app.  Scheduled workouts are uploaded to individual profiles along with customized exercises and workouts.  Assessment data can be stored within the client profile and there is access to an online folder backing up all saved information.



There is no single program that works for everyone.  Let us design something specifically for YOU!  

We specialize in:

  • Mobility and Proper Movement Patterns
  • Pre & Postnatal Fitness
  • Healthy Lifestyle Management
  • Sport-Specific Strength Training & Conditioning
  • Weight Loss
  • Senior Fitness

Each and every new client begins with a 90-minute inital assessment.  This appointment is critical to your success because we review your health history, currrent lifestyle habits, fitness and nutrition routines, as well as a complete movement evaluation.  Assessing your movement patterns allows us to create a program that will help you progress towards your goals without further limitations.  We will not put fitness over disfunction and without an assessment we cannot confidently prescribe an exercise plan for you.  Safe exercise is our top priority and there are no exceptions to this.  

Once you have completed your inital assessment, 60-minute appointments may be booked as needed.  Follow up assessments can be scheduled in person or over the phone to compare new measurements to baseline, and re-evaluate program to make any necessary changes.

  •     *All workouts are adaptable to your current fitness level, no program should ever stay the same for months at a time. 

Phone consultations before inital assessment are FREE and encouraged to make sure you are comfortable with us as your trainer and to ask as many questions that you might have before starting.

Travel fees may apply depending on location.  Click here for rates and to learn more!

The rules have changed.  No longer is pregnancy a time to sit around with your feet up, while you indulge in unhealthy foods for two people!  It's now understood that being healthy during your pregnancy will help prepare your body for the birthing process, AND give your child a head start to being healthy themself.  Your healthcare provider is the first stop on your path to prenatal fitness, but once cleared, our prenatal services will help you manage weight gain, feel more energized, sleep better, and reduce pregnancy related aches and pains.  These benefits will also help aid the recovery period after baby is born. 

Stay tuned for Mobile Coaching Programs in our Mom Series - Coming in 2018!

 *Trainer reserves the right to require medical clearance before beginning this program.  Please discuss any concerns with your instructor, who may refer you back to your OB before continuing individual training or class.  

Pregnancy is a time to embrace your health and pass it on to your child.  Not only is Karen qualified to lead Prenatal Fitness, but she's also a Mom who exercised throughout both of her pregnancies.  Contact us today to see how we can work with your healthcare provider to keep you and your baby healthy and strong!