Together, let us help you fit a sustainable wellness program into your business or school.  We can put the pieces together to begin or integrate a program that focuses on overall health and well-being of everyone in your organization.  By working together, onsite or online, we will meet you where you and your employees or students are at physically and emotionally.

"A wellness program isn't about forcing people to exercise with others or doing things they aren't comfortable with.  It's about educating and encouraging healthy behaviors and supporting activities that strengthen an organization, and a person at a time."  ~ Karen Koutsavlis, Founder & Chief Motivating Officer of NE360Fitness

While we're based in New Hampshire, we have been offering Corporate Wellness Programs throughout New England for over ten years.  We understand creating and implementing these programs for your employees can have their challenges.  We can help with the experience and insight to engage more of your workforce with our sustainable wellness methods.  We now offer 100% remote wellness programs for organizations and institutions that rely on their employees or students to work and learn from somewhere other than the main office.  It's more important now, that even remote employees and students feel appreciated and part of their network.  Build or maintain a positive culture with our creative solutions for sustainble healthy lifestyles!

There are many benefits of an effective employee wellness program.  Here are just some of them:   


- Healthier employees are happier employees
- Lower medical claims
- Increased productivity
- Decreased absenteeism
- Distinct advantage hiring and retaining quality employees in a competitive job market
- Better overall culture throughout your organization
- A healthier workforce means a healthier bottom line

We guide and support you and your team creating and implementing a wellness program that fits your organization.  Our employee wellness programs engage more of your workforce through our combination of onsite and online education and activities.
Some of the ways our programs help you build a strong, healthy culture are:


- Our comprehensive programming focuses not just on exercise, but a combination of fitness, nutrition, stress management, and better sleep.
- Education and engagement both onsite and online.
- We work with your leadership and wellness committee members to constantly evolve your program to your company's needs.
- It's fun!  There's motivation in classes, workshops, newsletters, videos, and challenges.
- Customized programming.  Our trainers onsite, are the ones you see in the software and on the app building trust between your employees and ours!
- Privacy for your employees to contact a fitness and nutrition specialist through our software and mobile app.


Healthcare expenditures increase by an average of 6.2% year over year.  A successful corporate wellness program has proven to result in an average return on investment of $3.27 for every dollar spent.  By focusing on not just fitness, but also nutrition, stress management, and better rest - our programs can help your bottom line and more your employees and their families Move Better, Feel Better, and Live Better.

We offer FREE 30-minute presentations to businesses and institutions all over the United States on the benefits of a wellness program.  We'd love to share firsthand how we can engage and interact with more of your employees and students, getting you the results you've been looking for!  Contact us today to book your presentation or to discuss pricing options fit for every organization.  Check out some of the programs we currently offer.  Together, let's see how we can put together a plan for you!  Email Karen directly by clicking HERE.

In the video below, we'll show you in less than 10 minutes the keys to a successful wellness program!