I have found myself over the past few months repeating “whatever the NEW normal is anyway.”  Talking to friends or clients and just kind of understanding that the new normal is here and we must adapt and get used to it.  But I had a conversation the other day with a former co-worker, and good friend.  I said the same thing and he told me not to normalize what’s going on right now.  I felt like I was hit by a wall.  A nice, brightly lit wall that made me feel a little better about things.  He said he’s been reading about how what we’re in is “now” and if we try to normalize it, we’ll never get back to the feeling normal once was.  Immediately, my mind went to “live in the present.”  Something I’ve shared with clients through all these years.  It was the perfect connection but made me feel like I have recently taken my eye off the ball just because life is different.  I always talk about how we can’t control stress.  It’s pops up unexpectedly without any warning of how intense it will be.  But we must be present to move forward.


Living “in the now” is the perfect reasoning why I’ve started the World of Wellness series on my blog to share current updates on living a healthy lifestyle…in…the…now.


For this post, I’m sharing two recent articles I’ve written as well as a very serious topic from my friend Dr. Amy Bantham who recently launched her own company Move To Live More.  I won’t mention just how many years ago it was that we met and began working together!  We’ve been lucky enough to stay in touch through the years and the work she does for Public Health and to encourage everyone to keep moving is wonderful to follow.  Our values fall in line with each other and we share a vision that movement at any level is imperative to our health and the future health of our children.  Her research shows the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has on the obesity pandemic.  Sadly, with schools closed and sports cancelled, our kids aren’t moving as much as they are used to.  We as adults, need to set examples and keep moving ourselves.  Moving together through fun activities is even better!  You can check out her blog series to see the research being done by clicking here.  And if you need some fun ideas to move with your kids, check out our recess video…on hot days, these moves can be done through a sprinkler, just be careful if the grass gets slippery!


Also in the update…


What is Corporate Wellness? 
Also known as Worksite Wellness, it’s the meat of our business here at NE360Fitness.  We love helping businesses and organizations educate and excite their employees about healthy lifestyles.  Click HERE to see the quick post and short (less than 10 minutes) recorded webinar on the keys to a successful program.  *Tip: it's NOT about being forced to exercise with your co-workers!


Learning from Farmers

Speaking of the "meat of our business"...Alongside my career in the wellness industry, I have doubled in meat and agriculture, working and learning from farmers.  They have some qualities that we can all learn from to help us through the current world situation…and beyond.  Read more HERE and check out the discount on our Summer Grilling Guide - just in time for the 4th of July!

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