Many people assume that corporate wellness is all about exercise at work.  Step challenges and couch to 5k’s and hopefully a discount to a gym.


We’ve been programming wellness for businesses and organizations for almost 20 years and for some, that’s what a program consists of.  For us, we incorporate a lot more because we know that not everyone wants to exercise with their co-workers!  In fact, while we offer exercise programs and coaching, we also round out comprehensive wellness with nutritional information, strategies for managing stress, and tips for getting a good night’s sleep on a consistent basis.


All of this can be accessed online, onsite (when safe conditions allow) with the support of a team that works with leadership to teach the value of a healthy lifestyle.


We offer FREE 30-minute presentations to help managers and directors learn more about our programs and how we can customize something for them, but not everyone has that in their schedule these days.  So we’ve recorded a webinar that’s less than 10-minutes that you can watch anywhere, at any time that’s convenient for you.  Please take the time to watch the short webinar on the keys to a successful wellness program that allows your entire team to participate at any level they feel comfortable with.


With more companies and employees pivoting to remote worksites, a wellness program is more important than ever to maintain a positive culture and keep employees connected.  


If you have questions or are interested in learning more, please reach out directly to Karen via email ( or by phone: (603) 391-4545.

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