I’m not sure where you are at right now or what your situation is, but for me and my family, we are heading into the final week of school.  Home school?  Zoom school?  Not sure what to call it, but certainly not “normal” school.  My daughter is finishing up first grade and I can tell emotions are high.  While this wasn’t the greatest introduction into what school is, I’m also not sure what’s on the other side of this….for the Summer, or the Fall.  No one really knows at this point.


Being in the final push and assuming that most parents and children are in the same situation as us, I wanted to share an article I related to recently.  It’s about what we can learn from endurance athletes as we get through this pandemic and it ALL applies!  I won’t bore you by rewriting it, but I will share the link and a funny memory from when I ran the Boston Marathon back in 2005.  The famous saying goes, “Right on Hereford, Left on Boylston.”  When you’re nearing the end of the race those last two famous turns take you to the finish line of a major accomplishment.  After getting through my main goal of seeing my entire family at Mile 25, the next goal was to get to Hereford and make the quick turn onto Boylston St.  Then I knew the finish line would be “right there.”  Until I took that turn I’m pretty sure I said out loud, “WTF, it’s all the way down there?!?!”  I shared the story with my 7-year old today (minus the WTF part) and luckily it changed her tears into smiles.


We don’t know where the finish line is yet or how long this is going to last.  We also didn’t sign up for this like people who run marathons do. But as they say in the article… “Perhaps more than anything, we all need to remember, and keep remembering, that we are all in this together. Our shared purpose — along with patience, pacing and focusing on taking productive actions throughout the process — will help to fend off fatigue and despair and carry us through.”


Read the entire article by CLICKING HERE.



It’s also hard to believe it’s June 1st.  May has come and gone and while Mental Health Month is over, we still need to focus on our mental well-being.  Back in April, I posted the Time Out Chair video and we’ve even made breathing a focus of a recent challenge in workplace wellness.  Michael Phelps wrote a great article on just that - Time Outs!  So I’m sharing with you the link to his article as well as the NE360Fitness Time Out Chair.  Don’t punish yourself for getting down, especially right now.  Take the time to step back, take a break, and breathe.  Time outs aren't punishment, they're necessary.



Lastly, for those of you I work with who have fitness centers on site, I wanted to share some resources you might find valuable as things open back up.  If you need more tips for arranging equipment, scheduling group classes, or helping your employees get back into fitness, let us know!

Check out the American Industrial Hygiene Association's general recommendations for reopening gyms and workout facilities.

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) has put together a four-pronged approach to reopening gyms and health clubs.  Check out their recommendations by clicking HERE.


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