Hey there! It’s been a while. I cannot believe I missed New England 360 Fitness’ 3rd Birthday. Things have been so busy a good way. I’m doing a little bit of everything I love, and I’m really enjoying it. I haven’t blogged in a while because in my attempt to balance work and life I try to stay off electronics when I’m at home with my family. But I have plenty of topics in my head that I’m just dying to put on paper (or screen) and share with you.

So to kick off me blogging a little more, I wanted to write a quick one for you. If you know me, you know just how much I love Birthdays. So I’m pretty bummed that I missed my own company’s birthday. One of my proudest accomplishments is starting my own business from just an idea, to working with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. Just because I missed the actual date (May 8th) doesn’t mean it’s too late to celebrate. I'll get around to it!

I do have a goal to get more information out there for you. I have some ideas what I’d like to write about, but I’d also love to hear what you’d love to read about. For now, I have to thank my west coast friend, Al Painter, for getting me back into blogging. He asked me a few questions about training for cycling recently and I showed up on his blog today. We share a lot of the same ideas and training philosophies. Our respect is mutual and I’m excited to share what he put together. You can check it out by clicking HERE!

So I’d like to thank him for getting me back to typing for fun. And I’d especially like to thank everyone who has been involved with NE360Fitness since the beginning...and through the past three years. I’m so proud of this company, the network of people, and everyone I’ve trained no matter what your goals are/were. I promise I’ll be back soon. I’d go celebrate with a cupcake or glass of wine, but I have a triathlon this coming weekend. First race since my son was born! Which means no junk or alcohol the week prior. I’ll balance it out and celebrate after the race! 


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